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im Toothless.

Monday, i went for AN EXTRACTION!! FOUR WISDOM TEETH!! OMG U HAVE NOOO IDEA HOW MUCH INJECTIONS THEY GAVE ME!! TT^TT i didnt bring my pet whale along but i got to hold on to a helper's hand.. =D and also got to choose songs from iTunes to play while they meddle with my teeth ^^ OH and i helped to switch on the lights for the dentist too! LOOL! (had fun looking at all those equipments O.O biiiig huge iMac IN MY FACE!)

uggghhhh.. i was in sooo much pain alright scratch that, i was in sooo much discomfort due to the extreme NUMBNESS TO MY ENTIRE FACE LIKE I GOT BOTOX!! ='(

but for now... i'm on a week's MC ^^ who could have imagined, 4 wisdom teeth at once O_O i mean..im reaaaally scared of pain.. serious. i psyched myself up days before the extraction. o well.. 

Anyways, after i got back, i found my package ready at the table!!

i opened up the box early in the morning on Tues! XD

Hohoho~ im gonna open it... XD

I've got little surprises too! ^^

My still-expanding Gintama Petits!! XD

Oh and i finally got Tosshi!! XD still waiting for Takasugi and the rest~

That's all for now ^^ my other stuff are OTW!! YAAAAAY!!

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